Asian handicap is a form of betting which has got its origin in Asia. This gambling style is related mainly to Soccer. In this form of gambling there are only two outcomes to bet upon. And, the outcome of draw is usually eliminated. In this popular casino game, the bookie first of all tries to equalize the chances of winning of both the teams. This is done by giving the weaker team (according to the conscience of bookie) a number of goal head start. This is also termed as handicapping the stronger team. The bookie sets the number of goals after calculating the strengths of both the team. If their strengths are almost equal then the handicap factor is set lowest i.e. 0.5. If there is a clear favorite then the handicap factor is high like 2 or 3. There are three common methods of this betting style in this game, and they are mentioned below: ??? Halves: In this method half goal i.e. 0.5 or 1.5 or 2.5 etc is used as a handicap factor. The weaker team is given the advantage. For example, in a match between Argentina and England Argentina is the favorite, so the bookie will give England advantage of 1.5. It means England will start the match with 1.5 goals head on. Now if a player places his bet on England then he can win when England wins or when Argentina fails to defeat England by 2 or more goals Even if Argentina wins by 1 goal, the player will win the bet because England is at advantage of 1.5 ??? Rounds: The betting procedure in Rounds is same as Halves. There are only two differences between them. First – the handicap comes in the form of round goals and second there is a chance of draw here in which the bookie returns the money of player . Ex- if England is at advantage of +1 then player can win if England wins or when Argentina fails to defeat England with 2 or more goals but if Argentina wins by 1goal then draw occurs ??? Double bets: Here the wager is split into two bets. Ex- if a person bets 500 on England the odds may be Argentina -1,-1.5 England +1, +1.5. His money will be distributed equally in the two bets i.e. 250 each. They will be treated as two separate bets and will be calculated in the same manner

A Simple Style of Betting Asian Handicap

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